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    Intuitive remote home control for comfort, convenience, and peace of mind.


Mood and ambience

To enjoy your home life, your mood and senses should also be well taken care of.
Bring your home to life with ambience. The right ambience gives a space a complementary experience, from cosy peacefulness to game night excitement.
You don’t need the same brightness of light relaxing over dinner as you do when reading or watching TV. Dimmers allow you to adjust the light intensity that you need and have the perfect ambience at all times.
Reducing your light intensity can also help you reduce energy consumption.


Quality power, quality enjoyment

Home electricity is actually full of noise and interference, and the quality of electricity is often unstable. Even electronic components or appliances will generate electromagnetic noise. All of these affect the audio and visual quality of your TV and home entertainment system.

With isolated noise filtering and voltage regulation functions, Schneider Electric’s AV Power Filter and Power Conditioner eliminate electrical noise and interference to minimize audio and visual distortion with the best picture and sound for your discerning eyes and ears.


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