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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.


increase in electricity consumption by 2050


Homeowners would pay more for a home if it came equipped with smart home technology


Homeowners considered changing housing since pandemics, among which 6% already did


Homeowners would expect a newly built home to be equipped with smart home products

Trends for homeowners

The preference for home automation and smart living has seen an upward trend in recent times.

High-performance, high-efficiency home

Providence Homes, a Florida home builder, uses Wiser Energy smart home monitors to prove how much energy their homes can save.

Seamless integration of innovation, durability and aesthetics

Ours de la Rosière is a homeowner based in the French Alps. The owner aimed to build a modern chalet that blends into surrounding nature by using natural materials, such as wood or stone. Watch how Schneider Electric helped them arrive at the best solution.

Energy monitoring and cost

Ecolocost is a housing development company whose vocation is making houses that meet the RE2020 regulation, and meeting housing standards at affordable prices. Watch how Schneider Electric's energy management solution improves the efficiency of homes.

Model home to attract new buyers

Kortros, one of the top federal home developers in Russia, installed Schneider Electric KNX solutions in its model home to explain to new home buyers how they can further renovate their flats to enhance their living experience.

The one-stop-shop for all your project needs

Solar and electric vehicle

Sustainable - smart and sustainable homes that reduce their carbon footprint

Safety and circuit protection

Resilient - future-proof homes prepared against fire, natural and man-made threats

Heating and energy management

Efficient - resourceful homes to manage energy usage and energy costs

Lighting and home automation

Personalised - customised homes to solve current customer needs and to anticipate new ones
Supporting you to make individual homes more appealing
From decorative and smart switches to active safety and security to protect people, property and equipment, regulating temperature and lighting, and optimising EV charging stations and renewable sources, our solutions provide you with a one-stop-shop for all your project needs.
Helping you to build distinguished multi-dwelling homes
From decorative and smart switches to advanced energy management solutions to operate and maintain facilities, protecting people, property and equipment through active safety and security, temperature and lighting regulation, and optimising EV charging station and renewable sources, our solutions provide you with a one-stop-shop for all your project needs.

Discover our most popular ranges

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Electric Vehicle Charger

EV Changing

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Smart Home Solutions

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Energy Efficiency

Safety Solutions

Recognised for our commitment towards sustainability

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Comfortable and sustainable living with Wiser
From energy management to lighting control, Wiser helps you to answer your clients' needs.

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