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Connecting Profibus DP and PA devices

Connecting Schneider Electric devices to market standards.

  • Features

    PROFIBUS is the leading fieldbus with more than 30 millions of nodes installed on DP and PA. PA is the preferred technology for the instrumentation connectivity in the process industry. Open, PROFIBUS offers efficient communication between the control system including asset management tools and the devices. The new PROFIBUS Remote Master module provides these functions for Modicon PAC.

    PROFIBUS Remote Master module

    • Ethernet Modbus TCP to PROFIBUS DP V1 Gateway available for Modicon Quantum, Premium and M340 PLCs
    • Isolated PROFIBUS RS485 Interface.
    • Supported throughputs: from 9.6 Kbd to 12 Mbd (standard EN50170 and IEC61158)
    • Standard version : 0° to 65°
    • Harsh version : extended temperature (-25° to +70°) and coated
    • Ethernet 2 ports Switch RJ45 10BASE T/100BASE TX supporting daisy chain
    • Support of 125 slaves
    • Acyclic communication (Read / Write) in Class 1 or Class 2
    • Sync & Freeze
    • Extended Diagnostic
    • Max capacity (cyclical variables): 2KW IN / 2 KW OUT
    • Configuration from EcoStruxure Control Expert V5 based on DTM and GSD files
    • Communication DTM for compatibility with 3rd party FDT/DTM based asset management tool

    Modicon Premium PROFIBUS DP V0 in rack module

    • Isolated PROFIBUS RS485 Interface
    • Supported throughputs: from 9.6 Kbd to 12 Mbd (standard EN50170 and IEC61158)
    • Support of 125 slaves
    • Acyclic communication (Read / Write) in Class 1 or Class 2
    • Max capacity (cyclical variables): 242W IN / 242W OUT
    • Configuration from external SyCon tool based on GSD files

    NEW !
    PROFIBUS Remote Master Module

    • Remote management of PROFIBUS DP V1 and PA devices.
    • Connectivity of asset managet managel supporting FDT/DTM technology.


    Connecting Schneider Electric devices to market standards

    Manage remotely the PROFIBUS PA or DP V1 devices from Modicon Quantum, Premium, M340 or any Asset Management Tool supporting FDT/DTM technology.
    Plug the new PROFIBUS Remote Master or PRM on Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP network, at the nearest of the process or the instruments.
    Only one tool, EcoStruxure Control Expert, is required to create the PROFIBUS configuration, the PLC application, and to set the device parameters


    The Process applications, mainly the one using instrumentation on PROFIBUS PA and where the possibility to connect an asset management tool is a significant plus: water treatment, food and beverage, Oil and Gas, Mining, cement industry, etc


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