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PowerLogic Enercept

Split-core CT form factor for basic electrical metering

Part of PowerLogic

Innovative form factor puts metering inside a split-core CT

PowerLogic Enercept
  • Features

    The PowerLogic Enercept has three interconnected, easy-to-install split-core CTs that combine accurate digital metering and communications electronics inside one of the CT housings. This innovative form factor eliminates the need for a separate meter enclosure, which reduces installation costs by up to 70 percent.

    Two versions are available:
    • Enhanced - delivers 26 energy parameters, including volts, amps, power factor and reactive power
    • Basic - reports power and energy

    Find out more:
    PowerLogic Enercept catalogue
    PowerLogic Enercept brochure


    • Very cost-effective option for basic electrical metering (precision metering electronics and current transformers in a single package, and no external PTs are required)
    • Reduce metering installation costs by as much as 70%
    • Employs Modbus RTU communication protocol and easily integrates into an existing network
    • Uses RS-485 wiring which simplifies installation and integration into an existing network
    • High accuracy ±1% of reading from 10-100% of the rated current of the CTs
    • Improves response times to power quality-related issues


    • Measure efficiency, reveal opportunities and verify savings
    • Sub-bill tenants for energy costs
    • Allocate energy costs to departments or processes
    • Identify billing discrepancies
    • Leverage existing infrastructure capacity and avoid over-building
    • Verify the reliable operation of equipment
    • Improve the response to power quality-related problems

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