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EcoStruxure Power Build - Rapsody

LV switchboard configuration and quotation software

Software to support you in configuration and quotation process for your Prisma switchboard projects, for non-critical building segment

EcoStruxure Power Build - Rapsody
  • Features

    • Rapsody lets you:
      - design low voltage switchboards in complete compliance with standard IEC 61439 in record  time.
      - supply the documents required to prepare the quotation and produce the switchboard and the single-line diagram, as well as the product order form, the configuration file for Masterpact type devices and, of course, the front view drawings.
    • Designed to be used both by electrical design professionals and by the occasional user, this software guides the user simply and with complete freedom in his design approach.
    • It enables him to choose the Schneider Electric devices from an electronic catalogue equipped with a powerful search engine, but also to integrate devices  taken  from an external component catalogue that the user will be able to compile himself during studies. If the user calculated beforehand his network using the software “My Ecodial L”, he can easily import the list of devices thus determined and avoid consequently entering them again.
    • The composition of the diagram is facilitated by a graphic interface which makes it possible to lay out the devices chosen as well as to modify, add or move them. The connection systems are automatically selected such as comb busbars, distribution blocks, and terminals.
    • Enclosure design becomes mere child’s play. The devices selected beforehand and the free space reserved allow the system to propose possible enclosure sizes. The user merely has to choose from the choices available.
    • Finally the results obtained are accessible in various formats. The diagram and the order form can be directly printed. It is also possible to obtain these results on a structured and dynamic Excel spreadsheet file. This file can be completed and modified as required, for example by adding a sale of services, modifying the margin rate and discount rate, etc. The various fields can be updated just by clicking.
    • Operating system: Windows 7 and Windows 10
      Processor: Intel Core i3 and above
      Memory: Minimum 4GB RAM
    • New offers added in the last release: 
      - MTZ1 & MTZ2 Switches & Breakers 
      - MTZ3 reference for BOM 
      - MTZ Source Changeover 
      - NSX B 
      - NSXm 
      - IC60 RCBO 
      - Prisma Advance 
      - PowerTag NSX, Monoconnect M63, Phase Neutral P63 
      - Smartlink SI B (Ethernet & Modbus), SI D, EL B, EL D 
      - iEM2000/ iEM2100 
      - Acti9 iEM3150, Acti9 iEM3155 
      - Acti9 iEM31/32/33/34/35/21 
      - Vigilohm IFL 
      - Update of Toroid offer 
      - PM5100 PM5300 PM5500 updates 
      - FDM121 & 128 Display panel updates 
      - IFE/IFM & IO communication module updates 
      - Com'X energy server updates


    The essential tool for electrical installation professionals!

    • Easy and fast design
    • Very quick modifications
    • Complies with standard IEC 61439
    • Print or export quotation, order form, switchboard front view drawing


    Intended for Panel builders and Contractors of LV electrical distribution switchboards

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