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iBusway for Data Centre

Electrical distribution for data-centre by Canalis

End of commercialisation

Part of Set Series

Monitored busbar trunking for data centre from 150 to 5000 kVA

iBusway for Data Centre
  • Features

    iBusway for Data Centre solution is an innovative power distribution system for server racks.
    iBusway for Data Centre is a modular solution consisting of Canalis prefabricated electrical busbar trunking, plug-in tap-off units and a “plug and play” monitoring system.

    Technical characteristics

    • Fixing system: raising floor and overhead
    • Rated busbar trunking current : 100 to 400A
    • Protection index : IP55, IK08
    • Regulations : compliant with IEC 60439-2

    The solution is made of :

    • Canalis KS busbar trunking from 100A to 400A 
    • Communication bus AS interface
    • Tap-off pre-equipped with :
      - Circuit breaker C60 from 16A to 63A single-phase or tetra-phase
      - Auxiliary SD and OF
      - Power-meter EN40 and PM9P
    • Automotive enclosure with :
      - Automates Twido and M340
      - Touch Screen 15” Magelis
      - Monitored software iBusway for date centre


    Innovative busway solution for power distribution system in data centre

    Guiding system benefits

    • Modular and scaleable system with iBusway for data center. Its easy to adapt to the evolution of your installation
    • Easy to add and delet tap-off; install a feeder right where it is needed and without interruption
    • Easy to configure: the iBusway for Data Centre software is specificly designed for this solution.

    Safety :
    > with iBusway for Data Centre you get a tested solution by Schneider-Electric.


    • The iBusway for Data Centre solution is designed for facilities from 150 m² to more than 1,000 m², with a power supply ranging from 150 to more than 5,000 kVA.


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