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All-in-one solution for office buildings

End of commercialisation

All-in-one solution for office buildings

  • Features

    Roombox solution is based on a modular, multi-application electrical distribution and control architecture that revolutionizes design and installation in both LON and KNX environments.
    Roombox manages three key office building applications for better energy management:
    • Lighting
    • HVAC
    • Automated shutters & blinds.

    Roombox includes a new static switch on each output circuit for protection against short circuit, overload and earth leakage. It offers maximum safety and continuity of service.

    Each Roombox meters and saves to memory the overall power consumption of the Roombox and its loads as well as the overall electricity consumption for lighting and HVAC.
    The data collected can be transmitted via LON or KNX to the BMS.

    The Roombox solution is:
    • Quick to connect
    • Safe to use
    • Easy, functional and ergonomic to install and configure.


    • Energy savings from design to operation
    • Fully adaptable solution
    • Easy-to-program scenarios for improved energy management
    • Real-time testing and delivery
    • Increased transparency for better project management


    Roombox is the new way to:

    • provide final electrical distribution for HVAC, lighting and automated shutters & blinds in office buildings with maximum safety and continuity of service;
    • achieve an integrated approach to energy management in office buildings in both LON and KNX environments.

    Roombox also offers power consumption metering both on an overall basis (all loads) and application-specific.

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