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M+ 24kV - Air-Insulated Switchgear up to 24 kV

End of commercialisation


  • Features

    The FLUOKIT M+ is modular air insulated switchgear for secondary distribution. It offers optimum and flexible switchboard configuration for every electrical scheme with the highest safety.

    It can be used in a wide range of application fields such as utilities, wind parks, industry, buildings, infrastructure and consumer substations.

    • Air insulated switchgear for secondary distribution
    • SF6 switch-disconnector
    • SF6 or vacuum circuit-breaker
    • Fixed or withdrawable circuit-breaker 
    • Compliant with standards IEC 62271-200, CEI 61330 
    • Rated Voltage: 12 / 17.5 / 24 kV
    • Rated Short Time Withstand Current (1s): 25 / 25 / 20 kA
    • Internal Arc Containment (1s): 25 / 25 / 20 kA
    • Bus-bar Rated Current: 1250 A
    • Feeder Rated Current: 630 A (1250 A for Circuit-Breaker function)
    • Dimensions W x H x D in mm
      • Switch-Disconnector Function: 375/500 x 1610/1950 x 850
      • Circuit-Breaker Function: 750/875/1125 x 1610/1950 x 850


    • Economical compact design for space saving
    • Operator safety maximum (Internal Arc Containment up to 25 kA, 1s, exceptional, interlocking mechanism
    • Easy installation and operation, CB "withdrawable" in option, clear outline, earthing switch position easily checked
    • Easy to upgrade as large choice of functions available for any application in distribution
    • Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable
    • Continuity of service LSC2A

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