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Walk-in or Compact MV/LV Substation with Metallic Enclosure - up to 3150 kVA

Walk-in or Compact MV/LV Substation with Metallic Enclosure - up to 3150 kVA

  • Features

    Tailor made range of metallic substation

    CLIPPER M range is used for multiple applications in both industrial (mines, oil & gas,...) and utility fields. They are characterized by their flexible dimensions and versatile configurations and options available depending on its use (on standard frame, on truck, on trailer). CLIPPER M is also available on container type for MV/MV primary applications.

    • IEC 62271-202 standards
    • Metallic Enclosure
    • Various configurations
      • Container type ( with or without Internal isolation)
      • On truck or trailer
      • On removable self-support legs
    • Indoor or outdoor operations
    Electrical capability
    • Up to 36 kV (AIS or GIS MV cubicles)
    • Oil or dry transformers up to 3150 kVA
    • LV panel ( Fuses or circuit breakers)
    • Simple monitoring devices such as remote control units or fault indicators


    • Large field of applications (utilities, industries, oil & gas, mines,...)
    • Suitable for various clients needs
    • Flexible design
      • On truck, on trailer for temporary applications
      • Free standing with special support for temporary supply
    • Tailor made and customized product adapted to the client’s needs
    • Internal Arc Containment IAC 21 kA 1 s, increasing public & personnel safety

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