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Easergy Flite 116-SA & G200

Communicating Fault Passage Indicator

Part of PowerLogic

Remote Monitoring for Medium Voltage overhead distribution network

Easergy Flite 116-SA & G200
  • Features

    • Easergy Flite 116-SA: single-phase Medium Voltage line-mounted ammetric FPI communicating by low power licence-free radio with Easergy G200 RTU.
      Easery Flite 116-SA detect phase-to-phase and phase-to-earth faults on MV networks with directly earthed or resistant earthing system. It can be configured according to network on which it is installed.
    • Easergy G200: Remote Terminal Unit used as a gateway to link the Flite 116-SA FPIs to any Scada system or Distribution Managemnt Systems (DMS)

    Standard Manufacturer Warranty: 18 months


    Reduce outage times and improve operations

    Profit from the 45 years of experience of a leader in Fault Passage Indicators and telecommunications. With more than 400 000 units in operation, Easergy range is the guarantee of complete peace of mind.

    Thanks to information reported to the control center, G200 and Flite 116-sA allow network crews to immediately localize the faulty section and isolate it to restore supply to as may customers as possible, reducing accordingly outage duration. SAIDI index is drastically improved.


    Medium Voltage overhead networks and monitoring applications


    • G200 RTU with Solar panel
    • Mounting Flite 116SA with Shotgun Hotstick

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