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Propivar NG

MV capacitors

Medium voltage capacitors for power factor correction

Propivar NG
  • Features

    Propivar NG capacitors are used to build capacitor banks for power factor correction on medium and high voltage networks. They are suitable for all compensation levels from the energy distribution substation to the final consumer.

    The range Propivar NG allows covering all the power ratings, depending on the voltage, frequency, and harmonic distortion of the network.

    • single-phase, double-phase, and three-phase capacitors
    • maximum rated reactive power: 900 kvar (single-phase capacitors), 800 kvar (double-phase capacitors), 600 kvar (three-phase capacitors)
    • installation: indoor or outdoor, in cubicle or in open rack
    • protection: internal fuse in option
    • voltage: for network from 2.4 kV to 34.5 kV (when used in star connection)
    • frequency: 50 Hz and 60 Hz
    • temperature: -25°C to +50°C (-40°C to +55°C on request)
    • conformity to standards: IEC 60871, NEMA CP1


    The MV capacitor you can trust

    • Propivar NG is a key component of power factor correction. It contributes to energy efficiency improvement and energy savings:
          - reduces electricity bills, power losses, and CO² emissions...
    • Propivar NG contributes to the improvement of power quality and availability:
           - compensation of voltage drops detrimental to the process, avoidance of nuisance tripping and supply interruptions, optimization of the use of electrical equipment...
           - optimization of the installation rating, reduction of harmonic distortion, reduction of equipment operating temperature, avoiding premature ageing or destruction of sensitive equipment...
    • Safety and reliability - Propivar NG complies with standards IEC 60871-1, -2, and -4, NEMA CP1 (other standards on request):
           - fully type-tested to meet IEC 60871 standard requirements
           - designed and tested to meet safety requirements
    • Peace of mind for a very long time - Propivar NG is designed for many years without failure, thanks to high quality material, protection by internal fuse (on single-phase and double-phase capacitors), protection against harsh conditions and corrosion...
    • Green - Propivar NG is environmentally safe thanks to non-PCB (bio-degradable) dielectric fluid


    Propivar NG provides power factor correction, harmonic filtering, reduction of losses and reduction of voltage drops on medium and high voltage networks.

    • Electrical Utilities: generation, transmission, distribution
    • Typical industrial applications: heavy manufacturing, automotive assembly, petrochemical, plastics, pharmaceutical, etc.


    • Propivar NG, a wide range of capacitors

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