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Acti9 iDPN N Arc

Arc Fault Detection Circuit Breaker

Part of 9 Series

Arc Fault Detection Circuit Breaker (MCB + Arc Fault Detection unit) that fits into a standard electrical panel and is designed to disconnect power before an electrical fire starts.

Acti9 iDPN N Arc
  • Features

    Acti9 iDPN N Arc is an arc fault detection circuit breaker (MCB + Arc Fault Detection unit) that fits into a standard electrical panel and is designed to disconnect power before an electrical fire starts. It performs the following functions:
    • Protection of circuits against arc faults
    • Protection of circuits against short-circuit currents
    • Protection of circuits against overload currents.

    The Acti 9 iDPN N Arc’s unique arc fault protection safeguards against electrical fires by detecting even small electrical arcs caused by cable or electrical contact damage and disconnects power before the resulting heat starts a fire.
    It is expertly engineered and built with high quality materials in order to provide reliable protection for electrical systems.

    It is used to protect individual final sub circuits that are exposed to electrical arc risks such as:

    • Bedroom and living room socket circuits
    • Circuits susceptible to damage (surface mounted, outdoor installation, etc.)
    • Ageing circuits where contacts may have broken down or vibrated loose.
    Main characteristics:
    • Width in 9mm pitches : 4
    • Ratings : 6, 10, 16, 20, 25A
    • Conforms to standard : IEC 62606.


    Increased safety:
    • Automatically isolates the circuit in case of arc faults before the first flame appears
    • Provides MCB protections (overload and short-circuit) in addition to arc fault protection.

    Reliable technology:

    • Can distinguish between abnormal arcs that could lead to fire and normal arcs that appear at the opening of switches or during the operation of electrical motors.


    • Can be installed instead of an MCB
    • Compatible with existing residual current devices.


    Standalone residences, multi-unit condominium complexes, social housing units, town hall complexes. Suitable for both for new constructions as well as retrofit::

    • Electrical arc fault detection and fire prevention through installation in DIN rail mounted electrical panels for a wide variety of circuits including Socket circuits
    • Lighting circuits
    • Power strips
    • Wall mounted cables and sockets
    • Circuits with junction boxes
    • Circuits in harsh environment (moisture, heat, UV, rodents, vibration, etc.), ageing cables and connections.

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