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Acti9 Smartlink

Monitor and control your business electrical equipment via your supervision system

Part of EcoStruxure

Acti9 Smartlink Modbus and Acti9 Smartlink SI B are rapid to install gateways that allow to grow your energy monitoring and control of final loads.

Acti9 Smartlink
  • Features

    • Status and alarms from circuit breakers                               
    • Remote control of contactors
    • Remote monitoring of metered values
    • DIN rail fitting: no additional space needed
    • Simple, rapid installation with ready-to-connect communication module
    • All in one cables with pluggable connections
    • IEC 61 131 compliant (PLC I/O modules)
    • 24 V DC power supply
    • Acti9 Smartlink SI B:
      7 digital input/output channels and 2 analog inputs
      Connection with up to 20 wireless devices
      RS485 Modbus Master communication (up to 8 Acti9 Smartlink Modbus or other Modbus slaves)
    • Acti9 Smartlink Modbus:
      11 digital input/output channels
      RS 485 Modbus Slave communication.


    These simple, fast-to-install communication modules rapidly enables the monitoring, control and metering of Acti9 modules in distant distribution panels. It centralizes control and energy meter data collection using a simple, ready-to-connect communication module.

    The numerous benefits of this smart and efficient remote monitoring and control module include:
    • Optimization of energy consumption, enabling increased energy efficiency
    • The collection, visualization and analysis of data from energy meters for individually monitored/controlled circuits in multiple distribution panels
    • The automation, scheduling and control of remote equipment to optimize energy consumption and reduce operation costs
    • Instant, precise and detailed warnings in the event of power loss
    • The simplicity of upgrading existing installations for remote monitoring and control
    • Possibility to combine one Ethernet version with Modbus slaves, allowing for as many inputs as required on large installations
    • Benefit from native integration to COMX510 to access energy dashboards at building level, spaceLYnk for simple and straightforward scheduling or SBO automation server for a Schneider Electric Building system.


    Essentially for industrial and commercial applications requiring:
    • ·Load monitoring
    • ·Load control switching
    • ·Energy metering.

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