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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.

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EVlink Charging Stations
Schneider Electric, the world leader in energy management, offers a variety of solutions, installation and maintenance services for charging electric cars with our EVlink range. EVlink charging stations are easy to use, tough, intelligent and universal. They are suitable for daily use and compatible with most electric vehicles and suitable for residential and commercial applications. You will find the charging infrastructure that suits you whether you are a private user or a professional.
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EV Charger
PDL Iconic®: New products for safer smarter homes
Introducing PDL Iconic®, the irresistibly beautiful new standard in residential electrical accessories that delivers clever efficiency to the home. Setting a new benchmark for quality and style in electrical products, Iconic is designed to clip directly onto electrically safe PDL Iconic grids which means you can now change your switch designs as simply as you can change a light bulb. In the PDL Iconic platform, we’ve thought of everything including new sockets, switches, dimmers and timers, USB chargers, new safety features, Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity and more.
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PowerTag®: The smallest wireless energy sensor available
PowerTag is a wireless communication energy sensor that enables you to and gain precise, real-time data on energy, currents, power, voltage, and power factor. Small in size, large in performance, PowerTag energy sensors accurately monitor energy consumption and wirelessly communicate this data to your mobile device in real-time via a gateway. Use energy more efficiently and economically on all electrical loads, from heavy and critical equipment to smaller residential appliances.

Monitor it, secure it, tag it!
Harmony pushbutton range expands!
Discover our extensive range of control and signaling devices which provide easy and reliable operations for industrial applications. The new Harmony flush products are robust and pleasant to touch, enhancing the intrinsic and perceived quality of machines and electrical panels without significantly increasing costs. Some additions to the range include illuminated E-stop, dual alarm buzzer, USB and RJ45 data ports, potentiometers, timers, three-phase pilot lights and much more…
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TeSys™ D Green Contactors
TeSys™ D Green the new generation of contactors are equipped with an innovative AC/DC electronic coil which requires up to 80% less energy and generates up to 50% less heat than electro-mechanical contactors. Ranging from 9A...80A AC3/400V, TeSys D Green contactors have a number of outstanding features:
• Multi-voltage coils
• Noise free design
• Embedded surge suppressor
• Direct connection to PLC, no interface relay required.
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TeSys D green
Zelio NFC Control Relay
The Zelio™ NFC control relay is an all-in-one solution with seven control functions and remote control for enhanced monitoring, testing, and security. With the Zelio NFC, you get advanced three-phase control and all the benefits of near-field communication (NFC) technology, with just one device and one application.

Seven control functions: Phase loss, Phase sequence, Asymmetry, Under voltage, Over voltage, Under frequency, and Over frequency.

One reference: RMNF22TB30
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Zelio NFC
Modicon M221 Logic Controllers
Embedded functionality delivers greater profitability – and in the Modicon M221 logic controller it’s all standard. Designed for machines with hardwired controller architectures, the Modicon M221 is one of the fastest and most compact controllers in its class.
You can transfer applications from old to new control platforms and reuse existing code, reducing development time. You can even batch-configure controllers right in the boxes they come in!
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Modicon M221
Altivar ATV320 Machine Variable Speed Drives
Altivar Machine ATV320, part of the new Altivar Machine range, is a powerful combination of safety, reliability, and simplicity for tomorrows smart machines. For the power range 0.18...15kW, Altivar Machine ATV320 has a number of outstanding features:
• Flexible and easy integration thanks to the availability of two form factors, and a new IP66 version.
• Advanced connectivity to most industrial networks
• Robust design to withstand harsh environments via 3C3 coating and up to 60°C ambient temperature
• Optimal machine safety with embedded safety functions
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ATV 320

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