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  • 3 ways the cloud can increase your sales

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Now answer your customers’ cloud questions with confidence As a Schneider Electric channel partner, you are in a prime position to help your customers in three key ways: rightsizing, connectivity, and management

Cloud trends are changing the way companies view their data centers. Perhaps some of your customers are asking questions and embracing the idea of the cloud to house their IT.

Your customers’ interest in the cloud does not mean that decommissioning of their data centers will soon follow. In fact, your customers need your guidance more than ever before. As a Schneider Electric™ channel partner, you are in a prime position to help your customers in three key ways:

  1. Right-sizing. Because companies move a relatively small fraction of applications out of their own data center to a cloud provider, they must take into account their remaining physical infrastructure. For example, if your customer moves 25 percent of their applications to the cloud, they are left with less infrastructure. As a result, their power and cooling capacity exceeds their needs, resulting in wasteful inefficiency. But with an APC™ by Schneider Electric data center assessment, you can help your customers understand the importance of right-sizing. And you can help them save costs with APC by Schneider Electric modular power and cooling system solutions.
  • Connectivity. As your customers move applications to the cloud, the network that connects their premise to the cloud provider needs to be reliable. Many organizations fail to properly address redundant power sources to ensure availability. You can help them optimize reliability and high availability with back-up and power protection solutions.

  • Management. Moving to the cloud requires multiple steps, including virtualization. Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software provides a whole view of the physical state of their data centers, tracks power and cooling capacity and availability, and automates load shifting from one physical server to another to meet demands. You can help data center operators avoid overheating and other headaches, while optimizing use of their resources with APC by Schneider Electric DCIM solution.

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