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  • Colocation provider Interxion leads data center efficiency and sustainability movement

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Interxion Data Center: Paris, France “Schneider Electric listens — they treat you as a business partner … and that really helps our sustainability efforts.” —Lex Coors, VP DTEG & Chief Engineering Officer, Interxion

Fifteen years ago, most companies housed private on-site data centers, and they only occasionally used colocation facilities as a backup solution or a place to host less important applications and data.

Now, “ ... the world has changed,” says Lex Coors, chief engineering officer of InterxionSM, a cloud and carrier-neutral data center provider based in Europe. Coors explains that, “This has all changed because the colocation industry has taken a leading role in efficiency and in designs. Today, the larger companies see us as their prime facility.”

Not only are these massive data centers incredibly reliable, they operate at never-seen-before efficiency levels. And they have to. With over 80,000 square meters of white space throughout 11 countries, Interxion must be energy efficient and sustainable for the sake of both responsible computing and wise accounting. Coors notes, “If you think about Interxion — 34 data centers — we have to be committed to managing our resources responsibly and constantly improve the way we operate our data centers. From that perspective, sustainability, especially with energy prices in Europe, it makes sense. You need to save energy.”

Transforming efficiency together

Historically, Schneider Electric™ has consulted industry leaders for feedback and cooperative partnerships. As Coors describes, “It’s not only that Schneider Electric will learn and improve and change their product line; there’s also that interaction. By talking to specialists on their side with specialists on ours, we also help ourselves to develop and improve.”

This dynamic relationship has been integral in enabling data centers at large to balance availability and efficiency. According to Coors, “What we see is that companies like Interxion, companies who are working with partners like Schneider Electric, are able to keep the overhead of energy as low as possible. If you think about two to three years ago, people said a PUE of 1.2 – 1.3 was nonsense and that it won’t work. Today, we do design and run at 1.2 PUE.”

Together, Schneider Electric and Interxion are making new data center efficiency and sustainability standards possible.

Watch and learn how we’re helping Interxion meet its efficiency goals.
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