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  • How safe is your home network?

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Now avoid a loss of connectivity and WiFi access if the power goes out at home.

What makes the modern family happy? The answer for many families today differs from those of earlier generations, especially when it comes to life in the home. Just a decade ago, the family PC was the most advanced piece of technology in the home, often centrally located for easy access. Not much effort was required to protect it from power outages. Simply connect it to a surge protector or UPS to protect your hard drive and go.

Family life in the home relies heavily on technology today. While one member is working on a laptop, another could be playing online games on a Web-enabled game console, chatting with friends on a tablet, or connecting with long-distance family members using an IP phone or web conference tool, or using connected home devices like security systems or thermostat controls. All this technology depends on your home network to function properly, helping to make family life in the home more peaceful.

But a power outage or surge can disrupt this in a split second. No power means no connectivity and no WiFi access. This means no streaming videos, no online gaming, and no social media, and potentially losing contact with your family during emergencies. What’s more, your spreadsheet and photos stored somewhere in the cloud will be impossible to access without a working Web-enabled device. So how can you protect your home network from sudden power anomalies, remain online, and keep your modern family happy?

Peace of mind with APC™ by Schneider Electric™ home network solutions 
Our battery backup and surge protection solutions help you to keep your PC environment safe, minimize downtime, and reduce energy costs. And they make it easy for you to maintain network connectivity during power outages with extended runtime for routers and modems.

Find out how to keep your family connected in most any circumstance.
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