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  • Leaving room for growth? Why this may NOT be your best IT strategy

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Forward-thinking businesses plan ahead for future success and are always looking for opportunities to save, which helps to explain why many traditional data centers are almost always designed with extra capacity. But building larger spaces to leave room for growth may actually do more harm than good, resulting in higher capital costs and chronically inefficient data center performance. Today, more businesses are eliminating their headaches with Schneider Electric™ prefabricated data centers.

What is a prefabricated data center? A prefabricated data center offers distinct advantages including flexibility and scalability, faster deployment, and predictable performance. It is fully or partially built using pre-fabricated modular building blocks of standard units and dimensions, which can be in the form factor of an enclosure or a skid-mounted solution of factory‑integrated components including hardware.

Enterprises from diverse industries are turning to Schneider Electric for their prefabricated data center needs. Customers include:

  • Mackenzie Health (Healthcare)
  • Thor (Hosting/Cloud)
  • Mohawk College (Education)
  • Danske Bank (Financial)
  • Chevron (Industrial/O&G)
  • Chico’s (Retail)

In a recent example, Thor, a growing service hosting and cloud storage provider, needed a scalable solution to grow with their business. Based in Iceland, it was geographically beneficial to use outside air for cooling. Schneider Electric built a prefabricated data center that met their requirements in two phases: first, a 40’ IT Container with 17 racks @14kw/rack and an indirect air economizer module on top (NFC), with a PUE of 1.07, and then a modular data center Room assembled on site with 50 racks @7kw/rack and an indirect air economizer module on top (NFC).

Five reasons why customers choose Schneider Electric for their prefabricated data center

  1. 14 years of proven experience in prefabricating data centers
  2. Broad offer of customizable prefabricated building blocks available in different form factors and applications and large range of capability
  3. Global capabilities: engineers can customize building blocks, tailor configurations, and provide support
  4. StruxureWare for Data Centers, award winning DCIM software suite pre‑integrated into data center modules so they are ready to go with any building management system (BMS)
  5. Extensive library of prefabricated data center reference designs simplifies the process of designing a complete data center operation

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