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  • Seamless Control Elevates Design of Whangaparaoa Home

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Services | Home automation was once the trend of the future. Now with smart-enabled features in more and more personal devices, homeowners are looking for a seamless integration solution which doesn’t compromise aesthetics and style.
Intellisys’ house was designed by architect Dean Salter in conjunction with Intellisys with the aspiration of maximising the potential of the site while creating a state of the art automated home.

Schneider Electric C-Bus, a micro-processor controlled wiring system, was chosen as the backbone for the home due to its stable wired platform, ability to be integrated with many third party devices and systems and its customisable and flexible controls. Another important factor was the local supply and support from the manufacturer being in country.

Key features

Comfort and liveability are key features of the homes interior with C-Bus integrating with many facets of the homes facilities. From lighting, irrigation, HVAC, pool and spa control and security to power management of high consumption facilities, all elements of this house have been considered to make it an exceptional smart home.


The lighting in this house truly makes it come alive after dark. With over 120 controlled circuits in the house, automating the lighting was the only way to easily control and manage the lighting. Use of sophisticated scenes allow easy control and seamless shifting from task lighting, such as cooking, to larger entertainment scenes such as dining or the Party scene at the touch of one button. When it’s time for bed, pressing the Goodnight scene turns off all lighting, multi-room audio, fireplaces and lights the way to the bedroom.


There are several tablet controlled multi-media zones around the house including the superb “Black Art” cinema room, boasting a 155” anamorphic widescreen 3D projection setup and features cinema quality audio with engineered acoustics and leather reclined seating with D-Box motion control.

Both under floor heating and air conditioning are integrated into the home automation system with sophisticated schedules to ensure the home is always set to a comfortable temperature. Motorised blinds are set to follow the sun all year round, rising in the morning and dropping a few hours before sunset avoiding the effect of sun-strike and high levels of UV.

The Whangaparaoa homes takes advantage of its Cliffside location with a fence-less infinity pool. The pool complies to local bylaws through integrating automation with the security and access control system. The use of monitored door locks, PIR sensors and an invisible point to point beam create the boundary between the house and pool. When triggered the alarm is set off in a specific siren tone for the pool. The sensors are armed automatically when any door opening out to the pool is unlocked. Disabling the sensors for access to the pool is via a password locked page on the touch screen.


Multi-zone irrigation and pool filtration, heating and treatment are also controlled, scheduled and monitored through the C-Bus touch screen for easy care and maintenance.

Safety and security
The homes security systems integration with C-Bus incorporates access control of all doors and gates with live feedback to the touch screen allowing the homeowner to access all security from the touch of a button, and showing the current state of each door and lock. Feedback of smoke detectors and security PIRS are also displayed on the touch screen highlighting a point of intrusion or fire. Cameras around the property are also fed back to the main control dashboard.


The use of remotes for arming and disarming the house and opening the gate and garage door also trigger lighting to come on after dark, creating a safe and welcoming environment when entering the property. The water feature is also triggered to turn on for a few minutes for that added luxury on arrival.


The Intellisys home is an ever-adapting showcase of the capabilities of C-Bus Home Control and is constantly tested and updated to incorporate the latest technology. One of the main benefits of the home Des says is “the flexibility to either control everything from the touch of a button, or even better, to create settings and seasonal scheduling” so he can simply enjoy the comforts of his home.

Architect: Dean Salter
Supplier: Schneider Electric
Automation Partner: Intellisys NZ Ltd

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