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Industrial monitoring and control systems once operated as isolated proprietary networks. Over time, they evolved to an open, equal-access model. Users benefitted from the faster data transfer, higher performance, and lower cost of ownership. However, the new open systems have become susceptible to security issues similar to those faced by personal computers. These threats include malware, viruses, communications overload, and more recently, cyber attacks.

The emergence of Stuxnet malware demonstrates that industrial control systems can be targeted to disable or destroy critical infrastructure assets. Such threats change the rules for design and operation of monitoring and control installation on each level, including hardware, software, and architecture. The stakes are high — consequences of a cyber attack are costly, causing extended downtime, damage to equipment, danger to staff, and many process issues, such as products built out of specification.

New ConneXium Ethernet firewall solution erases malware threats
Schneider Electric™ has developed a range of dedicated solutions that enable development and support of robust control systems that are both high-performing and secure. A range of industrial grade firewalls enables the creation of high-security zones within networks. Within these zones, communication between internal and external devices is strictly controlled, permitting only authorized devices, services, and communications.

The ConneXium Ethernet firewalls can be easily installed in an Ethernet-based system architecture, next to the device that requires protection. Each firewall includes an internal and an external network port, and a router capability for installations where the process network — including the industrial automation systems — is connected to the plant network.

The ConneXium Ethernet firewalls mitigate the risks associated with open networking, leaving business professionals more time and energy to focus on growing their business.

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