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  • Why promote global energy literacy?

Teacher and pupils at the wood

Anyone can affect change in the global energy landscape. What it takes is passion for sustainability and the willingness to tackle energy issues. For students who want to make an impact and join like-minded people in caring for the planet, Schneider Electric and Student Energy have joined forces to provide opportunities to make a difference.

Partnering for energy literacy
Schneider Electric strongly supports energy education, specifically through providing access to materials from Energy University and Schneider Electric experts. Student Energy, a student driven energy organization with over 28,000 followers in almost 80 countries, is increasingly making its mark on energy literacy using a balanced viewpoint on complex energy topics through various programs, including their International Student Energy Summit. Having first partnered in the 2013 International Student Energy Summit in Trondheim, Norway, Schneider Electric and Student Energy are now strengthening their relationship to advance student engagement in energy topics.

Today, Schneider Electric is the main partner and financial supporter for all Student Energy activities in 2014, including the launch of the new literacy platform to help drive the conversation on different types of energy topics, provide links to expert organizations such as Energy University, and allow students to connect through networking and social media tools.

2014 Regional Student Energy Summits
Taking place simultaneously at leading universities across 5 continents, Regional Student Energy Summits will focus on sustainable energy resource management and the role that students will play in the future of energy development. The program will cover the following topics:
  • Markets and Regulations – analysis of the current energy system and evaluation of market forces and policies that influence its development
  • Global Energy Dynamics – how energy impacts geo-politics and global developments as the world becomes increasingly interdependent
  • Technology and Innovation – study of new processes and technologies developed and implemented across conventional and alternative disciplines

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