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    • EcoStruxure™ Machine Advisor

      Digital Services for machines EcoStruxure Machine Advisor is the new digital cloud-based services platform. It enables machine builders to provide new services to machine operators for each installed machine in any production site worldwide.

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    The EcoStruxure Machine Advisor digital services platform evaluates asset health to help machine builders create optimal framework conditions for perfect and reliable machine operations.

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EcoStruxure Machine Advisor consists of three modules:
• Track: Simple localization of machines, creation of related profiles with architecture, log-book, machine history, task management, and documentation.
• Monitor: Collect and visualize operational machine data. Be informed of anomalies, thanks to analytics and notification.
• Fix: Provides onsite availability of necessary software tools via cloud.


Machine Builder

• Get unique access to all machine data anytime, anywhere.
• Improved customer satisfaction through better and faster service.
• Differentiation by offering new services and platform with any machine.
• Higher machine availability thanks to analytics and notification.
• Opportunity to sell innovative services.

Machine operators:
• Faster service, reduced machine downtimes and improved performance.
• Better tracking of operations and activities performed on machines.
• Improved maintenance operations planning and enhanced maintenance quality.

Food and Beverage machinery, packaging, material working, material handling, hoisting, pumping, textile etc.

Features and solution functions

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    • Manage your machine's fleet (BOM, documents, architecture, etc). 
    • Log all activities done on a machine.
    • Manage time-based maintenance tasks for a machine.

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    • Collect and visualize machine data. 
    • Increase machine availability thanks to anomaly detection via analytics.
    • Get notified of asset anomaly detection, warning or logical combination.
    • Create and manage dashboards.
    • Add and configure versatile widgets for KPIs, including OEE, energy consumption, machine performance, and more.

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    • Use Software as a Service in the cloud to fix machine issues.
    • Improve your machine code quality, code maintainability and development efficiency with code analysis.

How to get EcoStruxure Machine Advisor

When you are ready to upload your machine’s live data (by sending them directly to the cloud or via a manual CSV upload), get started for up to 3 machines or pay from the 4th machine onwards, you will be charged at the end of the month for your usage of EcoStruxure Machine Advisor paying services.
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