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    We would like to thank all our male employees for being part of #HeForShe movement. At Schneider Electric, we all are proud to pioneer in this pilot programme as a company.

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Amazing mobilization for HeForShe, solidarity movement for Gender Equality within Schneider Electric! More than 18 000 males employees all over the Globe, have joined the movement by signing an online commitment !
Since we became one of 10 corporate champions in IMPACT 10x10x10, a lot of our male employees have quickly joined this inspiring initiative with a lot of energy and true    commitment.
We started our internal #HeForShe mobilisation on June 19, 2015.   As of mid of October,  over 22,000 of our male employees signed the #HeForShe online petition, joining the one billion strong #HeForShe movement, with over 8,000 men in India, 3 000 in US, 1 000 in France and Mexico,   900 men in Brazil...
We also gave our men a chance to speak publicly and share their testimonials and commitment to gender diversity and equality via Spice, our internal social media, as well as externally. They also published their selfies in support of #HeForShe solidarity movement, and most of our global     teams organised and published on Spice their internal #HeForShe mobilisation campaign photos and posts.
For all our employees, #HeForShe became not merely a communication campaign but an important change management campaign aimed to improve the relationship between women and men at the workplace across our company and globally.

Weeks after weeks of our viral communications internally and externally, from bottom to top and top to bottom and via the strong official commitment of our top leadership, #HeForShe mobilisation campaign became our collective voice aiming to change perceptions and behaviours, and engage more men into the global gender equality conversation.
In this exciting and very inspiring journey toward a more diverse and equal world, within Schneider Electric and everywhere, our #HeForShe mobilisation message is “A world and a company with more gender diversity and equality means a better world!” 

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