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Our impact investing activities

Schneider Electric is a pioneer in corporate impact investing, having launched our first investment vehicle in 2009 (SEEA). Since then, we have never stopped innovating and continue to support investments across four vehicles to drive impact.

Schneider Electric Energy Access (SEEA)

Contributing to an inclusive economy in Europe

SEEA was established in 2009 to contribute to an inclusive economy for the benefit of the most vulnerable people and communities. SEEA brings together different stakeholders by inviting Schneider Electric’s employees and business partners to invest and commit to this goal.

SEEA is supported by: Schneider Electric Industries SAS (“SEI SAS”), Phitrust Partenaires, MESE, and Schneider Energy SICAV Solidaire.

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Our SEEA portfolio

La Foncière Du Possible

Renovation of poor housing belonging to private or public owners who cannot afford the cost of renovation.​

Our SEEA team

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1.    What is impact investing?

Impact investing is a form of investment that aims to generate both financial returns and positive social impact. It involves investing in companies, organizations, or funds that seek to address social and environmental issues, while also providing investors with a financial return on their investment. Impact investing seeks to achieve a "double bottom line" by considering both financial performance and social or environmental outcomes. This can include investing in decarbonization, contributing to net zero, providing energy access, and creating impact funds.

2.    Why is impact investing important? 

For Schneider Electric impact investing is important for several reasons. Our SEEA and SEEAA programs aim to address social and environmental challenges in Europe and Asia. By supporting these initiatives, impact investing can help drive positive change and improve the well-being of people and the planet. However, impact investing is not just about doing good, it is also about generating financial returns. By creating impact funds, we are addressing social and environmental challenges, impact investors can tap into new markets and growth opportunities, which can lead to financial returns.