STBSPU1000 - Advantys Config SW

STBSPU1000 - Advantys Config SW

Advantys Configuration Software v7.0- download all files with the filename: (12 files total) ** Installation instructions ** For current registered Advantys Configuration users, you can update to the latest version 7.0 by following these instructions. Please download all the files into a temporary folder, then launch the .exe file which will extract this to another temporary directory at which time it will automatically start the install process. Once complete, you may delete both temporary folders. Unregistered users will have 21 Days to DEMO software. After the 21 days, only the offline feature will remain available to unregistered users.







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Files for Download
ADVANTYS V7.0.part01 (.exe)
ADVANTYS V7.0.part02 (.rar)
ADVANTYS V7.0.part03 (.rar)
ADVANTYS V7.0.part04 (.rar)
ADVANTYS V7.0.part05 (.rar)
ADVANTYS V7.0.part06 (.rar)
ADVANTYS V7.0.part07 (.rar)
ADVANTYS V7.0.part08 (.rar)
ADVANTYS V7.0.part09 (.rar)
ADVANTYS V7.0.part10 (.rar)
ADVANTYS V7.0.part11 (.rar)
ADVANTYS V7.0.part12 (.rar)

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Advantys STB

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