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Canalis KV (KVA, KVC)

Busbars trunking for distribution 200 to 800A (compact)


Canalis KV (KVA, KVC)
  • Features

    • Canalis KV is designed for transport and low density distribution in industry, commercial and service buildings
    • Technical characteristics:

    Busbar trunking rated current:
    - 200 to 800A, aluminium conductors
    - 200 to 800A, copper conductors
    - Tap-off unit rated current: 250 and 400A
    - Rated insulation voltage: 1000V
    - Number of conductors: 3L+PE, 3L+N+PE, 3L+N+PER (PER = reinforced PE)
    - Protection index: IP52 or 54
    - Insulation type: Polyester class B (130°C withstand) halogen free
    - Enclosure type: Ral 9001 pre-lacquered sheet steel
    - Dimensions: 60x44mm, 60x74mm to 60x114mm
    - Run sections: 4m, 2m or made to measure: 0.35m to 2m
    - Compliance with standards: IEC 60439-2


    • Very compact, modular and upgradeable system
    • Quick, flexible and easy to assemble
    • High protection index IP 52 or 54
    • Halogen free: no fumes or toxic gases in the event of fire
    • Compact design avoids internal fire barrier
    • Bolted tap-off unit that can be mounted at each joint
    • Dismantled, re-used and entirely recyclable


    • Commercial centres, airports
    • Hotels, offices and accommodation buildings, hospitals
    • Data centres
    • Industrial buildings


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