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AK2, AK3, AK5, AB3


Pre-assembled panel busbar systems and busbar systems

AK2, AK3, AK5, AB3
  • Features

    Pre-assembled panel busbar system, AK5:
    Used to join prefabricated elements for:
    • transporting current (busbar system)
    • distribution of current (tap-offs)
    • holding the equipment (plates)
    • Busbar system: 160 A to 35°C 4-pole.
    • Tap-offs:
    • 3-phase 2-pole, 3-pole, 4-pole + Neutral or 3-phase 4-pole + Common

    Single plates:

    • 2-pole, 3-pole or 4-pole distribution
    • 2 ratings: 16 and 32 A

    Double plates:

    • 3-pole or 4-pole distribution
    • 2 ratings: 25 or 50 A

    Busbar system, AK2:

    • For horizontal and vertical current distribution
    • Permissible current: 200, 270, 380, 480, 580 and 690 A.


    Electrical distribution solutions combining safety, simplicity and quick mounting and wiring.


    • Automation and distribution equipment.


    • AB3 single-pole splitter block
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