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Compact NS switches-disconnectors

Switch disconnectors with free-tripping 630 to 3200 A

The ComPact NS NA switch disconnector provides high performance in a convenient size. It is suitable both as an incomer or as a feeder for manual or remote electrical installation operation.

Compact NS > 630A
  • Features

    By adapting to a whole host of LV applications, the Compact NS switch-disconnectors offer all the safety that the user requires.
    Designed for maximum performance and safety, this comprehensive and homogeneous range operates with the connection accessories shared with the Compact NS range.


    • Nominal current: 630 to 3200 A
    • Voltage rating: 690 V
    • Categories: AC23A
    • Available in 3 and 4-pole versions
    • Manual and remote operations up to 1600 A
    • Available in fixed and withdrawable versions
    • Add-on earth leakage protection available
    • DC version available (up to 1500 A and 1000 V)


    Easy and flexible installation

    • Same footprint as ComPact NS circuit breakers
    • Usable in any position
    • Can be used as an incomer
    • Wide range of auxiliaries and connection accessories
    • Reduce inventory with shared accessories across the MasterPact NT and ComPact INS/INV range
    Safety and protection
    • Additionally, available with the shunt and overvoltage release with the MN MX release coil


    The Compact NS switch-disconnectors perform control and disconnection of electrical distribution circuits in the tertiary and industrial sectors.

    • Source coupling
    • Industrial electrical distribution switchboards
    • Source changeover
    Suitable in most low-voltage (LV) applications, including:
    • Building: commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, offices, etc.
    • Data centers, wind turbines, solar, GenSet
    • Industry: mining and minerals, automotive, food and beverage, and chemical industry
    • Energy and infrastructures: airports, oil and gas, water treatment and marine
    Ensures compliance with international standards:
    • IEC 60947-1 and 3, CCC, EAC, other local certifications and Marine classification


    • Compact NS Switch disconnector with Micrologic E
    • Compact NS Switch disconnector
    • Compact NS1600NA Switch disconnector