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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

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Electricity 4.0 for smart energy

A more electric and digital world is key to addressing the climate crisis. Together with our customers, we are building the New Electric World by providing smart energy everywhere in our Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Industries, Infrastructure, and Grids. We are uniquely positioned to join the dots between them all for a future that becomes more sustainable, more resilient, and more efficient.

250 years of technology-driven revolutions towards smart energy

Building decarbonization

We need to see buildings as part of the infrastructure of a broader power network that both produces and consumes energy. The tools exist to design or retrofit buildings to make them sustainable and hyper-efficient.

Recognition for sustainability, innovation, and smart energy

World's most sustainable company going further, faster

2021 starts with a flourish as Schneider Electric has become the most sustainable corporation in Corporate Knights ranking. It also marks the debut of our accelerated sustainability program for 2025 with 6 commitments for sustainable business, planet, and people.
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1. What is Electricity 4.0?   

Electricity is undoubtedly one of the most vital technological advancements. It plays an important role in containing surging pollution levels and global warming within acceptable limits. Furthermore, with the convergence of digital technologies and electricity at scale, we’ve been introduced to the new world of electricity, that is, Electricity 4.0. It refers to the sustainable methods of generating energy and cost-effective and efficient usage of the energy produced. Electricity 4.0 will be supported by renewable energy sources combined with artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and other tools of the digital era, resulting in the maximization of energy efficiency.      

2. What is smart energy management?   

Smart energy management helps turn data into logical and meaningful insights for developing synergies between business consumers and energy professionals while boosting energy performance. A smart energy management system is a computer-based system designed for monitoring, controlling, measuring, and optimizing energy consumption in a factory, facility, or any building.   

In smart energy management, digital technology such as monitoring and metering has a crucial role to play. Additionally, apps, analytics, smart devices, and software enable people to deploy smart energy even more efficiently. This means we can address a considerable amount of untapped potential for smart energy savings. Schneider Electric is unleashing its potential for building the New Electric World together with our customers. We provide smart energy in Buildings, Homes, Data Centers, Industries, and Grids.      

3. What is the importance of Electricity 4.0?   

Electricity 4.0, which deals with sustainable methods of generating electricity, delivers many benefits, including increased electrification, increased use of renewable sources of energy, climate change mitigation, and much more. Additionally, it helps us achieve net-zero carbon emission goals and manifest a high percentage of reductions required in energy-related transmissions. Especially for the electric utility industry, Electricity 4.0 has completely transformed the way it functions. Electric utility companies have begun to move towards renewable energy sources, deployment of digital technologies, and are in the process of shifting completely to Electricity 4.0 for providing smart energy to the consumers.   

Schneider Electric aims to deploy Electricity 4.0 across Homes, Industries, and other Infrastructures with our systems, products, software, and exceptional services. We help you develop Grids of the Future, Data Centers of the Future, Homes of the Future, and more with our agile digital innovations.