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Empowering power grids to be green, digital, and resilient

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Start the journey toward an SF₆-free future

Transform energy management with SF6-free technology. Improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact with shunt vac interruption.

Minimize energy losses in power grids.

Upgrade electric power systems to reduce energy losses. Discover how managing efficient energy grids can lead to the utility of the future.

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E.ON creates more sustainable and efficient energy

Discover the story of Sweden's leading energy distributor, E.ON, as it achieves enhanced sustainability and reliability to enable the energy of the future. It reaches its energy-efficiency goals by leveraging our SF6-free MV switchgear and EcoStruxure technology.
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1. What are sustainable grids?    

As environmental threats show an alarming rise, everyone is starting to be more focused on energy preservation. As a result, more and more people are opting for renewable and sustainable energy resources to power their homes and industries. In order to safeguard the future of the planet, Schneider Electric brings to you Grids of the Future. These are smart alternatives to traditional electricity grids. Sustainable grids allow you to communicate, analyze, control, and monitor within the energy supply chain, resulting in reduced costs, enhanced transparency, and improved system efficiency.    

2. What is the importance of sustainable grids?   

Sustainable grids contribute immensely to increasing the efficiency and productivity levels of the industrial sector. They are data-integrated network models that are flexible, secure, reliable, remotely manageable, and digitally equipped. Sustainable grids, or green grids, play a vital role in supporting the growth of microgrids, energy communities, DER’s, and other resources across the digitally designed and planned lifecycle. At Schneider Electric, our experts skillfully design Grids of the Future for them to be fully equipped and capable of mitigating power outages by FLISR, improving grid reliability through digital technology, and diminishing environmental footprint.    

3. How will smart grid solutions power us into the future?   

Schneider Electric has always been a futuristic company that attempts to bridge the gap between sustainability and progress in a way that empowers all. We understand the importance of energy preservation and bring out optimized electrical systems and digital solutions for multiple industries like Healthcare, Life Sciences, Machinery, Oil and Gas, etc. Smart grid solutions hold immense potential to build grid resilience by ensuring supply quality, improving network availability, withstanding harsh weather conditions, and mitigating cyber risks. These solutions are capable enough to power us into the future by accelerating decarbonization and smart investment, maximizing renewable energy penetration, and reducing energy losses.