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Services for low-carbon and digital reality

EcoFit™ is our approach to modernizing the electrical, critical power, cooling, and automation systems that keep your business running while strengthening your environmental credentials. It equips your business with high-performance, digital electrical technologies, and meaningful participation in the circular economy.
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Life extension

Replace active components and avoid up to 90% of waste.


Replace your aging installation with new, green and natively-connected assets ready to begin a long, high-performance service life​.


Become environmentally compliant by recovering and recycling SF6 gas and raw materials from your older equipment.
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Electrical Distribution
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  • EcoFit™ Life Extension Advanced for UPS

    EcoFit™ Life Extension Advanced for UPS

    Help extend the life of your modular UPS

    Life extension, Critical Power and Cooling, UPS

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  • Modernize your building management

    Every building needs a strong digital foundation. Modernize your building to become more sustainable, resilient, hyper-efficient, and people-centric.


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Next-level connectivity with our modernization services

The EcoFit modernization services are all leveraging connectivity by default. Advanced maintenance services allow you to unlock the next level and help power your business thanks to our ​end-to-end digital platform, AI, and innovative analytics.

Spare parts management unlocks life extension

Managing and maintaining spare parts is crucial to optimize your products' longevity. Find out how we can help ensure you have the right spare part at the right time.

EcoFit services insights

Not sure about your low or medium voltage equipment's footprint?

Calculate your LV/MV equipment environmental footprint now and find out how you could optimize it with our retrofit solution.
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What is EcoFit?

EcoFit provides modernization services that equip your business with high-performance digital, electrical technologies and meaningful participation in the circular economy. It is our reparability and circularity service offer. Our modernization services include pre-engineered retrofit solutions and adapting the components to existing installations for our customers. When going on a site, our experts can modernize the equipment and services in less than two hours without a full shutdown of the installation. We are extending this type of solution with take-back solutions. We offer repairability services, electrical equipment replacement, electrical equipment life extension, and digital modernization. We want to reuse, rebuild, and resell the secondhand product to our customers or to any of our customers. 

What are the benefits of EcoFit?

EcoFit modernization services are rooted in two approaches: circularity and repairability. It’s a full-value proposal across the circularity of our products, all over the lifecycle, aiming for decarbonization and waste elimination. We want to make the most of existing assets to reduce the impact on resources, including every material, and the impact on carbon. Our modernization services help extend the lifetime of your assets with advanced monitoring and maintenance to reduce carbon footprint of the installation. You can also grow your savings by replacing only the core components of your electrical equipment and avoiding manufacturing new products, saving water, raw materials, and CO2. Modernize your electrical, critical power, cooling, and automation systems with us.