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Fifth Third Bank reaches 100% renewables with a PPA
Learn about the company's PPA experience and benefit from advice to other companies wanting to take the same path.
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Onsite and offsite PPAs are available in a growing number of countries, including the U.S., Australia, Mexico, India, China, and throughout Europe.

We help organizations navigate their clean energy purchasing options

Onsite & Offsite PPAs
PPAs allow buyers to enter into delivery contracts directly with renewable project developers, securing a long-term and predictable source of energy over the life of the PPA. By hedging against the rising costs of conventional energy, companies are able to realize considerable energy savings while stimulating the growth of clean technologies and meeting sustainability commitments and goals.

Carbon Offsets (Verified Emissions Reductions)
Even the most efficient organizations struggle to fully eliminate all emissions. Carbon offsets trade these unavoidable emissions for reductions made elsewhere. Offsets represent one metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) that has been eliminated or sequestered from the atmosphere. Organizations purchase offsets in a 1:1 ratio to counterbalance their Scope 1 or Scope 3 emissions, with a direct result of reducing their carbon footprint.

Global Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) 
EACs -- including renewable energy certificates (RECs), Guarantees of Origin (GOs), and more -- underpin all global renewable energy markets. For nearly two decades, EACs have been a recognized industry standard for renewable energy purchasing and environmental claims. We source EACs from more than 30 countries to help our clients meet their renewable energy sourcing needs.

EACs and Carbon Offsets for LEED®
Green building projects seeking to reduce the impact of their energy use can purchase EACs and carbon offsets to earn up to seven (7) points toward the LEED Energy & Atmosphere Green Power Credit.  The LEED certification process is a rigorous one. By utilizing EACs and offsets sourced from Schneider Electric, companies can earn easy, affordable points toward certification while also meeting project carbon reduction goals.

Accelerate Your Energy Strategy

There is an opportunity to save money on power costs, while meeting or exceeding corporate sustainability goals.

The Definitive Guide to Global EACs

The guide you need before you buy renewable energy using global energy attribute certificates (EACs).

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