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Solutions and benefits

As a leader in Automation, we provide operational and scalable solutions for seamless integration of semi and fully automated cranes into steel manufacturing processes.

With the Integrated Autonomous Crane System (IACS), steel manufacturers can use the continuously updated Warehouse Management System (WMS), which may be modified according to specific demands, new activities, or production arrangements, and enjoy the benefits of predictive maintenance and remote monitoring solutions.

  • Improved personnel safety and warehousing productivity
  • Increased material movements efficiency
  • Simplified resources reallocation
  • Real-time strategic decision making
  • Improved tracking and inventory management
  • Reduced product damage from mishandling – fast ROI
  • Reduced mechanical wear and lower maintenance/repair costs

With crane automation, steel manufacturers can easily integrate cranes into their overall processes. All automated movement and product handling instructions are carried out according to the WMS-scheduled program, considering the yard layout and the restricted areas for safety and optimal crane cycles for productivity. 

A comprehensive set of advanced functionalities and algorithms helps reduce manual and repetitive tasks, improve crane availability, and achieve overall operational efficiency.

Smart functions

Our global approach

Turnkey projects

Deliver your project with Schneider Electric experts in hoisting. Your advantage? A single, highly-qualified organization for the design, implementation, testing, installation, and commissioning of your project.
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Schneider Electric specialists can help you get the most out of your crane and warehousing operations with proven consulting services covering site surveys, feasibility studies, safety analysis, and assistance in writing your project specifications.

Operational excellence

Our consultants can help you assess your operations and provide customized and scalable recommendations on warehouse optimization, inventory flow, and digitization.

After-sales support

From on-site technical support by local and global hoisting experts to first-rate customer service, we care about your business and your individual needs, and we are here to help you anytime, anywhere.

IACS brochure

Integrated Autonomous Crane System

Smart cranes brochure

Smart cranes: Our partner of choice for storage and logistics optimization in the steel industry.

Customer benefits


Comply with local and global safety standards & directives, increase employee safety, and drive priority to achieve zero accidents.


Reduce or eliminate manual & repetitive tasks, reduce premature mechanical wear, and improve material tracking & inventory control.


Modernize aging infrastructures to minimize downtime, operational failures and reduce major breakdowns.


Minimize product damage from manual handling errors, eliminate scrap of finished products, and increase customer satisfaction.

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Special Sensors for Cranes


Modicon M580 - ePac Controller


Altivar Process ATV900




MV Unity Pro


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The Hoisting Business Center would be happy to help you on your next project or support you in any way we can in your hoisting applications in the metals industry. Contact us today.

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How digital transformation and automation of cranes and yard in metals manufacturing can transform inventory and warehouse management?

Schneider Electric helps metal industries digitize manufacturing operations and warehouse management through software-centric crane modernization and autonomous yard solutions to make them efficient, sustainable, and resilient.

As an industrial technology leader with extensive IoT and data analytics expertise, we can help bring unprecedented flexibility and automation to your material handling operations through connected products and digital solutions to improve energy efficiency and lower carbon footprint.

Discover EcoStruxure for Metals, our IoT-enabled system, to help bring innovation and establish an automation standard to be replicated in the yard and warehouse management in steel manufacturing industries to improve performance and reduce cost.

Our operational and scalable solutions enable seamless integration of semi and fully automated cranes into steel manufacturing processes and improve personnel safety, decision making, inventory, and warehouse management.

Explore our Integrated Autonomous Crane System (IACS) that digitizes and fully automates crane operations in your facility.

Steel manufacturers can continuously update the Warehouse Management System (WMS) by modifying it according to specific demands, new activities, or production arrangements and gain from predictive maintenance and remote monitoring solutions.

Metal industries rely on Schneider Electric for unlocking smart functions that combine machine safety, smart sensors, load anti-sway, real-time scanning, and dynamic trajectories to drive operational profitability safely.

Our Hoisting Business Centre experts enable you to deliver your projects successfully while consulting experts provide customizable and scalable support on crane and warehouse management besides providing first-rate after-sales support.

Schneider Electric helps metal industries develop a collaborative digital environment for logistics and warehouse management to ensure compliance with local and global safety standards, material tracking and inventory control, modernization of infrastructure to minimize downtime and breakdowns, and increased customer satisfaction.