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Industrial Ethernet

One network for all applications and communication services


Industrial Ethernet
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    Schneider Electric’s networking standard of choice is Ethernet. By enabling open networking, this technology improves energy efficiency and facilitates production optimization.Industrial Ethernet has the requisite level of robustness and reliability, connecting all the levels of your business, from plant floor to enterprise, using one common technology. It offers options for high availability functions when required, and has the bandwidth to support control, data, and other functions. Its sustainability ensures that your investment will be protected as the network evolves to meet your ongoing needs.Over the last few years, Ethernet has evolved into a power-house for industrial networks. Advances in speed, bandwidth and reliability have allowed it to grow at a dramatic pace in the last 5 years, and at present we see it as the fastest growing technology in this market. Due to its broad appeal and its adoption in Internet applications by multiple vendors, the technology is continuously evolving. New uses and applications are continuing to grow, while addressing pressing problems such as security.The power of industrial Ethernet comes from its versatility. With the large number of protocols that can run on it, Ethernet can tackle a large range of applications. Its popularity also comes from the ease with which it meets all of the industrial network needs, from I/O communications and plantwide communications to motion, and, more recently, new applications such as displaying video on an operator screen.
    • PlantStruxure is the flexible and collaborative architecture of Schneider Electric which offers transparent access to the information that you need, from the plant floor to the enterprise level.


    Ethernet, the freedom of choice
    Having one network based on Ethernet helps fulfill many different requirements:PerformanceOur Ethernet architectures are designed to achieve predictable and reliable performance.
    InteroperabilityBy combining EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, and standard protocols, we ensure interoperability and continuing evolution of the technology.Long-term investmentAdherence to open architectures allows users to attach their existing networks to the industrial Ethernet infrastructure and to preserve the value of previous investments.Ease of configurationTight software integration ensures a smooth and seamless experience for the user in terms of configuring and monitoring devices.StandardizationStandardization provides interoperability and reduces cost by ensuring that products built within the standard are available from multiple vendors at competitive prices.Data accessProviding transparent access to data in a secure environment is now a key requirement for a modern industrial enterprise.MaintenanceMaintenance takes less time and cost with easy device replacement, quick problem resolution, easy to access diagnostics.Connectivity to best in class productsUsers can select the equipment that best suits their needs without configuration or start up problems.


    • Oil&Gas
    • Food&Beverages
    • Water&Wastewater
    • MMM
    • Conveying
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