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How to change the currency symbol $ shown in the Energy Cost Report of ION Enterprise 6.0 to be designate currency symbol and where can get the symbol?

Energy Cost report is one of the web reports in ION Enterprise 6.0, which is belonged to web applications of ION Enterprise. So we can follow the steps stated in the topic "Changing the Currency Symbol for Desktop and Web Applications" of the "Language_Support_in_ION_Enterprise" document to run an execute file "I18NConfigurator" in ION Enterprise 6.0 to chang your designate currency symbol.
To get your designated currency symbol, you can type it by using the Windows ALT Key Numeric Codes. For examples, on windows, HOLD the ALT key and key in the specified code number. Remember that you must use the numeric keypad to key in the code number.

£British Pound
Euro currency
¥China Yuan Renminbi, Japan Yen

Or you can:
i. go to Start > Control Pane l > Regional and Language Option;
ii. check the region your system selected is correct;
iii. the symbol would be displayed in the "Currency" item. Copy the symbol;
iv. Paste it into the command prompt window as shown in Figure 2.

Figure. 1 Figure. 2

If you found the currency sybmol you pasted into the command prompt window returns with "?", please refer RESL200144 for solution.


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