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Does adding the VW3A3720 card to an ATV600 series drive disable the built-in Modbus TCP port?

Is the built-in Modbus TCP port disabled when adding the VW3A3720 card to an ATV600 Drive.

Product Line:
ATV600 series

Models where the option card part number VW3A3720 has been installed.

Information unavailable / difficult to find.

No.  Adding the VW3A3720 card  to an ATV600 series drive will add a daisy chain port to the drive capable of Modbus TCP or Ethernet IP protocol.  The default communication port on the drive will not be disabled but will be a separate communication port.  It is a Modbus TCP port and does not support Ethernet IP in any form.  Programming parameters of the default Modbus TCP port and the installed option card are independent.

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