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How can I Search and Replace project variables used throughout a Control Expert project?

There are tools for searching and replacing variables either in the Data Editor or from a Variable search. Right clicking on Function blocks in logic after selecting them will allow a wildcard replace of variables on pins. These are cumbersome if a Global effort is underway where we want to search and replace all instances of a variable name whether in sections or the data editor. Is there an option other than these tools?

Product line
Control Expert, Unity Pro

  1. Export the project to a ZEF file.
  2. Right click on the ZEF file and select  7-ZIP then Open archive. (or simply open it as an archive)
  3. Right click on the unitpro.xef file from the archive and select Edit (this should launch Notepad)
  4. Using Notepad's Edit - Search and Replace make the modifications.
  5. Save the unitpro.xef file. (this should update the unitpro.xef that is in the ZEF)
  6. Open the ZEF with Control Expert and you should see your changes.

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