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ClearSCADA and Geo SCADA Expert Client Comparison

The below table compares some features of the built-in Geo SCADA Expert and ClearSCADA clients. The purpose of this comparison is to assist system integrators and engineers in selecting appropriate clients for their applications. Please note the below table is not intended to draw a comparison between ClearSCADA and Geo SCADA.
ViewXVirtual ViewXMobileOriginal WebXWebX*
Available inAll versionsAll versions starting from Geo SCADA Expert 2019All versions starting from ClearSCADA 2013 R1All versionsNo longer available starting from Geo SCADA Expert 2019
Application TypeStand-alone applicationWeb based applicationMobile applicationWeb based applicationWeb based application
Required OS TypeWindows OSOS agnosticAndroid or iOSWindows OSWindows OS
Requires Web BrowserNoYes, requires HTML5 supportNoYes, Internet ExplorerYes, Internet Explorer
Requires ActiveX ComponentNoNoNoYesYes
Connection to databaseDirect connection to DBServerThrough IIS and Virtual ViewX ServerThrough IIS and Mobile ServerThrough web server built into DBServerThrough IIS and WebX Server
License LocationStandalone Client License or Server based floating licenseServer based license (number of systems and users)Server based license (number of Systems and Mobile Devices)Server based license (number of web connections)Server based license (number of web connections)
License TypeFile license or USB dongle licenseSoftware licenseSoftware licenseFile license or USB dongle licenseFile license or USB dongle license
Secure connectionsYesYesYesYes, up to TLS1.1Yes
Supports redundant database serversYesYesYesNo, connects directly to DBServerYes
Can display MimicsYesYesNo, relies on Mobile DisplaysYesYes
Can display insetsYesYesNoNoNo
Can run mimic scriptsYesYesNoYesYes
Has Alarm BannerYesYesNoNoYes
Can Display TrendsYesYesAd-Hoc trends onlyYesYes
Can Control PointsYesYesYes, requires additional configuration changesYesYes
Can view alarmsYesYesYesYesYes
Can view EventsYesYesYes, capped at 500 eventsYesYes
Can edit database/make property changesYesNoNoNoNo

Note: WebX is no longer available starting from Geo SCADA Expert 2019.

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