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LexCom Home

Reliable network connectivity

Systems and products of communications for residential segment

LexCom Home
  • Caraterísticas

    The range is now composed of two different solutions, Custom and Delta 8.

    • The Custom offer is a modular system based on a passive physical infrastructure with wide band VDI links (cable, cords and connectors) and active modules for voice, data and image distribution. It could be a data switch, a distribution module for phone or an antenna amplifier for video.
    • The Delta 8 system is a brand new all in one home network which permanently transmits VDI signals to all the wall outlets in all the rooms. The compact core unit receives the incoming services and transmits them on standardized links.


    •  LexCom Home Custom is the most flexible home network and combines utility and pleasure. It makes the network future-proof for broadband communication and works together with older systems.
    • The Delta 8 VDI system has open interfaces to existing and future applications (wireless, voice over IP, digital video, etc.), thus giving the user complete freedom of choice. The Delta 8 core unit, attractive and discreet, can be easily integrated into the house on the switch board, on a 10" enclosure or directly wall mounted. Delta 8 network is very easy to use : once the core unit has been connected to the phone cable end, the TV cable or aerial and the data selector switch, the user can access all supported services from the telecommunication outlets.


    LexCom Home systems fulfil the communication needs of the modern home in an effective way. Its two complementary solutions address perfectly this emerging market :

    • LexCom Home Custom offers up to 24 outlets and is mainly dedicated for houses. It is a rich solution large functionality and enhanced modularity.
    • Delta 8 proposes in its first configuration, 8 outlets and mainly targets the apartment and multi-dwellings. It is simple offer to install, to configure and to use.