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TwinBus Portier

Elegant door station with modules that can be individually combined

Elegant door station with modules that can be individually combined

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  • Caraterísticas

    • TwinBus door intercom module for modular door stations: weather-proof loudspeaker, electronic system for voice control, adjustable volume, integrated light-button with symbol, connection terminals for bus line to power supply unit, colours silver or white
    • TwinBus button module for modular door stations: control electronics for addressing 1, 2, 3 or 4 bell buttons, 1-4 nameplates are illuminated and can be labelled, plug-in bus connectors for connecting to the bus line of the door station, plug to connect additional function modules, colours silver or white
      Information module for modular door station: for display of information, e.g. house number, illuminated information area, can be labelled, replaceable labelling field, lightning 12 V / 1,2 W, labelling field W 92 x H 89 mm
    • TwinBus colour camera module for installation in modular door stations: automatic exposure controlled by video signal, permanent image transmission, surveillance area fixed or mechanically adjustable, power supply from mains transformer RTY 164770101 (AC 12 V), colours silver or white
    • TwinBus coding module for modular door stations: buttons with LED lighting, with input keyboard for a) code lock function (opening doors by numeric code, code numbers with up to 6 digits, stand-alone operation with power supply unit RTY 175730101 possible), b) digital dialling including code lock function (for addressing call numbers of up to 4 digits), colours silver or white
    • Modular Portier door station with unlimited versatility in design and technology. Extendable with function modules based on TwinBus technology: for modernisation and new installation, surface mounted (no UP box required, 37 mm flat, ready for assembly with rear wall), for vertical and horizontal installation, colours silver or white.


    Endless possibilities and unlimited choice

    • Suitable for new and remodelled buildings
    • Adjustable to meet your individual needs and requirements
    • Available for surface-mounted - extra flat
    • Quick and safe assembly


    The modular Portier door station – ideal for every residential house and living style. Elegant system solution with modules that can be individually combined. First-class design and innovative technology suitable for any application.