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Junction Box with Monitoring for Photovoltaic Plant

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Junction Box with Monitoring for Photovoltaic Plant

  • Caraterísticas

    Array Box is a junction box which allows several photovoltaic strings (from 8 to 32) to be connected in parallel. The total DC power is then distributed to the photovoltaic inverter. It includes photovoltaic string protection, overvoltage protection and a DC output switch disconnector. They are well adapted for Power plants as well as for photovoltaic large buildings

    The Array Box also integrates a monitoring module and communicates through Modbus protocol with the monitoring devices (iRIO, XLRIO) located in the inverter substation. For each string of panels, Array Box realises DC current measurement (0 to 20A per string). The DC voltage (up to 1000Vdc) is also measured and abnormal behaviour or failure are detected.

    Array Box can also propose safety opening control and remote control of the switch disconnector.

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    Minimize Power Plant downtime
    Array Box allows you to provide accurate global monitoring for the power plant thanks to DC voltage and photovoltaic string current measurement. You are able to immediately locate a faulty string

    Ensure the security of the plant
    Array box provides all necessary elements which participate to ensure the security of the system and personnel
    Protection against short circuits and surges
    Isolation of DC link through an integrated switch disconnector
    Safety opening control

    Opt for a preventive maintenance rather than a curative maintenance
    Thanks to the Array box monitoring system, the global photovoltaic monitoring solution is able to show you the internal status of each Array box.  Not only does it provide information for automatic detection of faulty strings but it also gives auxilliary indications such as the internal temperature, lightning protection end-of-life status or the state of the switch disconnector.

    Reduce your on-the-field operation time
    Thanks to the array box monitoring, when commissioning, you can check the strings connection and the status of each Array box from the inverter substation or the grid connection substation or even from a remote control room.
    Then, at any time, it is also possible to have remote control of the switch disconnector integrated in each Array box

    Easy adaptation to your plant
    Depending on the topology of your power plant, you can connect different meteorological sensors to any of the array boxes.  This information is necessary for the monitoring solution to calculate theoretical energy production such as:
    Ambient temperature
    Temperature of solar panels
    Wind direction and velocity


    Photovoltaic power plant or large building monitoring

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