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  • Power substation, electric power distribution, power management.

    Smart Grid Solutions

    Smart Grid Solutions

    Schneider Electric provides utilities with a complete smart grid solution - from control center to customer - to help improve safety, reliability and efficiency while reducing CAPEX and OPEX costs.
    Our solutions include an Advanced Distribution Management System software suite to manage and optimize daily system peak, distribution and transmission system efficiency and reliability, and distributed energy resources - including renewables, energy storage systems, and electric vehicle charging system.
    We also provide products and solutions for substation automation (including IEC61850 solutions), feeder automation, Volt-VAR optimization, energy storage, electric vehicle charging, demand response, and MV / LV switchgear.
    At Schneider Electric, we are committed to solving energy challenges by offering innovative solutions to help ensure system reliability and safety, reduce energy costs, and better manage energy assets.
    • Featured Products Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS)

      ADMS offers distribution management, outage management, distributed energy and demand management, transmission analysis, and SCADA technology to assist utilities in the convergence of Information Technology and Operational Technology.

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      CAR ADMS
    • Featured Products HVL/cc Metal-Enclosed Load Interrupter Switchgear

      Provides switching, metering, and interrupting capabilities for medium-voltage, electrical power distribution systems.

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      HVL Switchgear
    • Featured Products MxVision WeatherSentry Online Utility Edition

      Weather management tools designed for utility forecasting and outage management.

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    • Featured Products SAGE Remote Terminal Units

      For reliable and secure remote terminal data, today and tomorrow.

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      • Building a Smarter Grid in Boulder, Colorado

        When the citizens of Boulder, Colorado voted to explore the benefits of municipalizing their electric grid, city experts turned to Schneider Electric for help building a roadmap to the utility of the future.

        Smart Grid Facts

        • Ícone de continuidade azul Demand is growing, while constraints in infrastructure, both generation and T&D, are becoming acute.
        • Ícone azul de teste e validação Utilities need proven solutions to optimize renewables, distributed energy resources, and demand response.
        • Ícone de Energia azul Energy management systems make energy visible, allowing customers to act on their consumption.
        • Blue prosumer icon Smart Grid combines IT and OT to efficiently balance demand and supply over increasingly complex networks.
        • Ícone azul quebra-cabeça Real-time grid management and forecasting enables anticipation and optimization of supply and demand.
        • Ícone azul do aperto de mão Schneider Electric offers innovative solutions to ensure reliability and safety and reduce energy costs.