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Altivar 1000

Drives medium voltage from 0.5 to 10 MW

Obaveštenje o prekidu prodaje

Medium voltage Variable Speed Drives from 0.5 to 10 MW

Altivar 1000
  • Karakteristike

    • Medium voltage variable speed drive for AC motor
    • Output voltage range: 2300 V - 3300 V (4160 V - 6600 V as an option)
    • Power range: 0.5 - 10 MW
    • Frequency range: 0 - 60 Hz as standard (140 Hz as an option)
    • Incoming supply: Any type of medium voltage line supply
    • Cooling: Air and water, with redundancy of cooling system (fan or pump)
    • Technology: Voltage source inverter
    • Input stage: 12/24 pulse input rectifier
    • Output stage: Neutral point clamped (NPC) 3-level voltage source inverter, with high-voltage IGBT
    • Electrical braking solutions: Regenerative braking via active rectifier or braking by chopper and resistor
    • Compatibility with new and existing motors
    • Efficiency: Approximately 99%
    • Built-in reduction of harmonics (12/24-pulse rectifier or filters)Conforming to IEC standards as standard. Other standards as an option (NEMA, ANSI, IEEE, etc.)
    • Design with built-in or separate input transformer
    • Offer including the drive and motor (if required)
    • Easy adaptation to the application by means of the PLC function
    • Open to the main control system networks: Ethernet, PROFIBUS, Modbus, CANopen
    • Control of asynchronous motor as standard; synchronous motor as an option
    • Easy front access to enclosures
    • High protection rating: up to IP 41 (air-cooled) and IP 54 (water-cooled)
    • Option of diagnostics using real-time access to the signature of the device main values
    • Motor control for all applications: U/f control; flux vector control with or without sensor; velocity, torque or position control; master-slave function, etc
    • Continuity of use and safety functions: Full protection system for the transformer-motor-drive-auxiliaries assembly, suppression of critical speeds, etc. Auto-tuning functions for quick startup
    • Speed accuracy in steady state: 0.05% without sensor and 0.05% with sensor
    • Torque response time < 5 ms.





    • Energy: Fans, pumps, turbine starters
    • Oil and gas: Pumps, compressors, air blowers, extruders
    • Mines & Minerals: Conveyors, crushers, fans, pumps
    • Water treatment: Pumps, air blowers.
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