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Uniflair WM

Wall-mounted units for outdoor installation for mission critical applications

Rapidly deployable packaged systems to quickly address cooling needs of IT or telecom environments

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Uniflair WM schneider.label Wall-mounted units for outdoor installation for mission critical applications
  • Karakteristike

    The Uniflair WM is a completely self-contained cooling unit, meaning there is no need for a remote heat exchanger. These rapidly deployable units only require simple elctrical wiring and mounting to the shelter. Available in a free cooling configuration, these units come equipped with motorized dampers to enable use of outside air to help cool the IT space.



    • Self Contained - The unit is quickly and easily installed without the need for refrigerant lines or remote heat exchangers.


    • Direct Free Cooling - Utilizes outdoor air when ambient air temperature can help support cooling loads.


    • Building Management Systems - Units are designed to work with the most common BMS systems including BACnet and Modbus.


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