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KNX komponente za kućnu automatizaciju

Schneider Electric nudi rešenja za kućnu automatizaciju i upravljanje zgradama koja su razvijena na bazi otvorenog, standardizovanog KNX protokola i dizajnirana da poboljšaju fleksibilnost, udobnost, sigurnost i profitabilnost, posebno za nove zgrade.

      •                      Automation solutions for homes and commercial buildings has never been easier
        Now there’s a simple solution for equipping homes and small buildings with smart controls for lighting, shutters and blinds, and HVAC systems: eConfigure KNX Lite by Schneider Electric. It’s the only design and commissioning automation solution made specifically for homes, shops, schools, restaurants, offices, and any other small building. eConfigure KNX Lite gives you total control over all aspects of your automation installations, allowing you to win more projects and grow your business.

        For smart homes and commercial buildings
        From training to installation and maintenance, eConfigure KNX Lite lets you provide automation solutions with confidence and efficiency.

        • Learn to design, commission, and maintain KNX systems autonomously in just one day
        • Offer all the power of KNX without the complexity, working with open protocols and devices
        • Build in flexibility to evolve the system if a building expands, with complete compatibility with ETS Pro Software for large buildings
        • Save time and increase efficiency on future installations — pre-made solutions, in the system or from Schneider Electric, can be re-used
        • Create and edit a professional bill of material and reports to validate specifications with stakeholders and ensure accurate project quotations

        Floor Plan Design
        eConfigure KNX Lite works the way you work — on a floor plan.

        • Build coplete solutions with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality
        • Use pre-made solutions or devices and loads, or create your own solutions
        • Make more effective proposals and recommendations — everything is graphical and easy for your customers to understand

        Electrical Cabinet Design
        eConfigure KNX Lite generates the best devices — automatically.

        • Save time — advanced software recommends the best devices and actuators for each situation
        • Design your electrical cabinets quickly and easily

        Device Library
        eConfigure KNX Lite includes an updated library of devices right inside the software.

        • Eliminate extra step of downloading devices from the web
        • Design configurations quickly and easily

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