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EcoStruxure™ Hybrid DCS

Jedan sistem automatizacije za inženjering, rad i održavanje cele fabrike

EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS koristi snagu Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) da uvede Vašu fabriku u budućnost. On isporučuje sve što je potrebno za vođenje održive, produktivne i tržišno prilagodljive fabrike, od potpune sledljivosti procesa do ugrađenog upravljanja energijom.

EcoStruxure™ Hybrid DCS
  Nazad   Upravljanje procesima

EcoStruxure™ Hybrid DCS

      • Overview of the controllers offer
        ECOSTRUXURE HYBRID DCS enables you to design complete automation solutions, with the flexibility to select the controllers depending on the requirements of your automation system. 
        This flexibility enables you to select the most appropriate and economical solution that fits within the constraints of the application, through three tyEcoStruxure Hybrid DCS of controllers:

        1. Modicon M340, the mid range controller dedicated to simple to medium complex applications
        2. Modicon M580, the ePAC controller, for simple to complex applications, with a wide range of architectural capabilities
        3. Modicon Quantum controller for mid size and large applications
        The three ranges of controllers are part of our extensive catalog of automation solutions, with Ethernet connectivity, allowing a variety of configurations and architectures.
        The Modicon X80 range is a common platform for racks and modules for Modicon 340, Modicon 580 and Modicon Quantum with Ethernet I/Os.  The X80 range provides a common I/O platform that reduces maintenance and training costs. Common spare parts for multiple systems allow you to reduce your inventory or spares.

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        Benefits of the Modicon products:
        • A scalable range of solutions to meet the exact level of control required, without sacrificing simplicity and performance
        • Enable common programming using a common range of functional libraries
        • Reduce implementation time and cost with commercially available cabling, modular architectures and standard networking protocols.
        • Expandable control solutions with seamless connectivity to an extensive range of products
        Modicon M340 controller
        The mid-range Modicon M340 controller is our innovative mid-range controller that has gained recognition for its robust quality and high-end capabilities. The M340 optimizes control system value for industrial processes and infrastructure.

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        Different architectures based on the M340 automation platform are possible, such as:
        • Multi-rack configurations
        • Ethernet X80 I/O drops
        • Distributed I/Os
        • Architectures with separate or combined Ethernet RIO and Ethernet DIO devices on the same physical medium
        Depending on the processor model, an M340 configuration supports 2 or 4 racks maximum, which are connected through the X-Bus, with a total length of 30 m maximum.

        M580 controller
        The Modicon M580 ePAC (Programmable Automation Controller) is open, flexible, secure, robust, and sustainable. The M580 is designed with an Ethernet backbone to optimize connectivity and secure communications. It supports X80 I/O modules which can be easily integrated into its architecture. The powerful processors offer high levels of computation for complex networked communication, display and control applications.

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        Benefits of the M580 controller:
        • Flexible topology enables simple integration of devices
        • Ability to mix remote equipment, distributed equipment, and other devices on the same Ethernet field network with complete software integration
        • Transparent access to data through Ethernet backbone
        • Interface to other popular fieldbus and device networks like Modbus, Profibus, and HART
        • Achilles Level 2 Certification for safe secure access to the data you need to run your plant 
        • Ability to design applications with redundant controllers for a high availability automation system

        Quantum Controller
        The Quantum controller addresses mid to large size applications. Different architectures based on the Quantum automation platform are possible, such as:
        • Legacy S908 bus for Quantum drops with a specific set of racks and modules
        • Ethernet RIO drops and X80 I/O architectures, enabling you to use the same I/O system as the other controllers
        • Architectures with separate or combined Ethernet RIO and Ethernet DIO devices on the same physical medium are possible
        Quantum enables you to set up redundant architectures with a specific range of processors.

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