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EcoStruxure™ Hybrid DCS

Jedan sistem automatizacije za inženjering, rad i održavanje cele fabrike

EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS koristi snagu Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) da uvede Vašu fabriku u budućnost. On isporučuje sve što je potrebno za vođenje održive, produktivne i tržišno prilagodljive fabrike, od potpune sledljivosti procesa do ugrađenog upravljanja energijom.

EcoStruxure™ Hybrid DCS
  Nazad   Upravljanje procesima

EcoStruxure™ Hybrid DCS

      • ECOSTRUXURE HYBRID DCS allows the user to build their control system through the instantiation and configuration of objects. The core objects within the DCS are part of an integrated library designed to be suitable for most purposes and hence called the General Purpose Library. The library contains tested, validated and documented libraries which are suitable to form the core of your process and on which you can build the control system that is required.
        The components of the objects within the library are the connection, control and visualization facets but these are extended to also include historian reporting and other facets of the DCS. 
        There are many challenges in delivering a standard library. The libraries within the DCS have been designed specifically to address some of these issues.

        Weight: The DCS libraries are a set of lightweight blocks which are constructed to meet the needs of the market but which can be customized for the site or individual device. The options selected are clear in the code (no hidden parameters). This produces a lighter program (needs less controllers) and a clearer program (simpler to debug) for the end users.

        Support: The DCS libraries are the tested, validated and documented libraries of Schneider Electric. They are embedded with our offers but also used within a testing and proving teams to show how Schneider Electric works.  With this testing we can offer a support for each block within the libraries. A team is dedicated to their ongoing development and support. Most library components are open and can be viewed as DFBs within the controller and can be simply diagnosed by the engineers within the project.

        Customization: There is no perfect library for every customer. The DCS libraries are extensible between objects but can also be customized within the blocks. This is done by allowing the objects to be copied and changed. The Customized objects can still use many of the functionality of the library blocks and are supported as stand-alone code objects in each facet. Customization is expected. The libraries should offer a platform on which this final custom automation system can be delivered in the fastest possible time.

        The DCS libraries are vendor libraries. They are constantly developed and maintained to meet the needs of our customers and to support the connection of our products. Having a vendor library means that we can anticipate the release of new automation and electrical hardware and provide support. We can look at emerging standards in visualization and adapt and we can understand how control is enhancing and improve. Using our libraries is the safest way to ensure the ability to rapidly build and update your control system over if lifetime.

        Library Components
        The core library is designed to provide the components you need for the core of your automation process: 

        Analog Devices

        • o Analog Input (direct, processed or multiple)
        • o Analog Output (actuators, control valves, motorized valves, pulse width)
        • o Analog Control (PID, ramp, split range, ratio, ramp, lead-lag, 3-step)
        Digital Devices
        • Digital Inputs (limits or other discrete sensors)
        • Motors (direct, dual direction, dual speed, variables speed)
        • Valves (fail open, fail close, fail )
        Process Templates
        • Flow Control (in 2017)
        • Pump Set Management (in 2017)
        Automation Infrastructure
        • Sequence Management (ISA88 - sequencing)
        • Process Management (ISA – equipment module
        • Batch Integration (InBatch phase management) 
        All of this functionality is integrated into ECOSTRUXURE HYBRID DCS and ready for you to use.
        While this is the functionality typically expected of an automation library this DCS and hence its libraries extend beyond this classical automation layer to integrate Connected Productions and Software applications through the libraries within Edge Control. They bring the IIoT from the paper to a reality within your control system.

        Image to be added

        Connecting Devices
        The libraries are designed to enable the integration of Schneider Electric and third party devices into the DCS via different open and propriety protocols. Connecting these devices to the controller then makes their data available through the rest of the control system.

        Supported industrial networks
        • Ethernet I/P (2017)
        • Modbus (TCP and serial)
        • Profibus
        • HART
        Using these networks, the libraries are able to provide data from the available automation and electrical assets. Connecting the rich set of data available within your MCC. For Schneider Electric devices complete automation blocks are provided to make key data available within the control system. For third part device the interface is open for integration partners to leverage the interfaces and expose data from other devices.

        Schneider Electric motor and drive management 
        • o Motor Starters (TesysU & TesysT )
        • o Progressive Starters (Altistart 61)
        • o Variable Speed Drives (Altivar 31, 32, 61, 71, 600, 900, 1200*)
        Schneider Electrics power management 
        • Circuit Breakers (Masterpact & Compact)
        • Protection Relays (SEPAM 20, 40, 80)
        • Power Meters (PM 9C ,700, 800, 1200, 53xx, 82xx)
        • Smart UPS (AP 9622)
        • Harmonic Filter (Acusine)
        Software Integration
        As part of the Schneider Electric suite of automation offers customers of ECOSTRUXURE HYBRID DCS have access to the most comprehensive set of software offerings on the market. These offers start with historians and batching systems but carry on to asset management, planning, supply chain, simulation, training and other offers.
        The libraries work with the software to deliver all the data and interfaces necessary to integrate seamlessly with these software offers. 
        • Wonderware Historian 
        • Wonderware inBatch
        • Plant Asset Management
        Vertical Libraries
        Schneider Electric also provides additional libraries which provide extended functionality specific to vertical applications (mining, cement, water treatment) or a specific function (power/energy management and advanced process control). These libraries contain vertical specific equipment (eg. Penstock for water) and vertical specific process templates (grinding or floatation for mining). 
        These libraries are purchased separately but are designed to complement the functionality of the complementary libraries.
        The vertical libraries provide functionality which is 
        Water Library
        Process Templates
        • Aeration
        • Dual Media Filter
        Control Equipment
        • Penstock
        • Flow Measurement (Flume)
        • Flow Measurement (Weir)
        • Time & Event Scheduler
        Mining Library
        • Process Templates
        • Ore Volume Control (Belt Conveyor)
        • Wet Grinding Mill
        • Spiral Separation
        • Rotary Cyclone Separation
        • Thickener
        • Rotary Dryer
        Control Equipment
        • Belt Conveyor
        • Time & Event Scheduler
        Cement Library
        Process Templates
        • Kiln Management
        Gas Analysis
        Fuel Selection
        Gear Lubrication
        • Control Modules
        The Cement library uses a dedicated control library (MMM) which provides functionality similar to the general purpose library for automation. 

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