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Portable emergency lamps

Top4, Toplux, Jodiolux

Top4, Toplux, Jodiolux

Portable emergency lamps
  • Описание

    Portable emergency lamps: Top 4, Toplux, Jodiolux. High quality, high flux, Portable and rechargeable. Additional emergency function.

    These lamps are professional rechargeable searchlights, even resistant to heavy rain (IP 55). They have 2 light sources and provide a powerful constant or flashing luminous flux.

    They include an automatic lighting, equivalent to a normal emergency light. While it is connected to the mains (230 V), the lamp will come on automatically if there is a power failure.


    • Tough and resistant: Designed for hard applications and built with highly resistant materials
    • Light selection: Selection between long-distance beam light and diffuse light
    • Signalling mode: The lamp may be used in flashing mode with coloured screen
    • Emergency mode: During recharging, if a blackout occurs, the lamp will automatically switch on
    • Vehicle recharge: A low voltage charger is available (sold as an accessory)
    • Environmentally friendly: Totally compliant with RoHs regulations


    A wide range of applications, from night watches to military and police uses, from rescue to security utilisation. Developed to ensure a reserve of light in every situation.

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