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Multifix Plus

Flush-mounted boxes for hollow and brick walls, as well as ceilings

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Flush-mounted boxes for hollow and brick walls, as well as ceilings.

Multifix Plus
  • Описание

    Multifix Plus is an inventive and cost-efficient range of flush mounted installation boxes from Schneider Electric.

    • Apparatus boxes: Single boxes in two depths (40 and 50 mm) with both c/c 60 and c/c 78 fixing centres. Double and triple boxes for both horizontal and vertical mounting. Six-station box for 2x3 stations at c/c 57 mm.
    • Wall box kits with or without DCL outlets
    • Ceiling boxes and ceiling box kits with or without DCL outlets
    • Hole saws 40, 67, 85 mm Ø or adjustable
    • Gripple system for ceiling boxes
    • Accessories such as covers, DCL lighting plugs etc


    IEC 60670-1 for boxes and IEC 61995-1 for devices for the connection of light fittings.

    Materials and Colours

    Boxes: Polystyrene in the colour RAL 9015.


    • Complete range of accessories including DCL outlets and plugs.
    • Holesaws 40, 67 85 mm Ø or adjustable


    • Wide range of boxes for both horizontal and vertical installations
    • Efficient – high-speed screws (triple-threaded) for quick assembly
    • Two depths, 40 and 50 mm, make the box suitable in various wall thicknesses
    • Easy to order – several pre-packed kits, most also including DCL outlet
    • Safe – no risk for injuries. Knock-outs are easily removed by hand giving a clean cut without sharp edges and burrs
    • Fast and easy hole-making for double/triple boxes thanks to their slim “waistline”
    • Easy to mount – the wide and thin collar around the box hides small mistakes in the hole-making
    • Perfect grip – the single boxes have universal fixing claws with multiple function for perfect grip in both hollow walls and brick walls
    • Several knock-outs of various sizes in the same box
    • Safe – all metal parts are zinc-plated to eliminate the risk of corrosion, and the plastic parts withstand a glow wire test of 850°
    • Anti-rotation system in the single box
    • For all kinds of walls and wiring devices – extra long screws and c/c 60 fixing centres
    • Simple to use – self-instructive and functional design


    For all types of hollow walls and brick walls. Suitable for most environments in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.


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