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Dardo Plus

Addressable system

Addressable system

Dardo Plus
  • Описание

    A system based on a control unit and interfaces drives a bus (2 wires) to which up to 100 stand-alone emergency lighting units are connected. These light fittings have an address (coded rotary switches on the front panel). Several control units work together, or they are computer-driven.

    The control unit automatically runs lamp and battery tests. These tests are required by the standard.

    The result can be seen on the printer installed on the DIN rail in the enclosure, or on the PC and its printer,  allowing the system operating instructions to be centralised locally or on several sites via Ethernet gateways.

    Dardo Plus consists of the following products:
    The system

    • Multilingual control unit 
    • Cubicle printer 
    • RS232/RS485/Ethernet DCM interface  
    • LON  DLM interface 
    • PC Lite software for supervision from a PC
    • Syscon address and bus tester

    Dardo Plus light fittings. They are the addressable versions of the following ranges:

    • Domina. Anti-panic units.(substituted )
    • Rapida. Anti-panic units.(substituted) 
    • Exiway One 
    • Exiway Plus
    • Astro. Evacuation units. Guida.
    • Quick Signal. Evacuation units.
    • Everlux Ferro. Conversion kits.
    • Everlux Power. Conversion kits.


    • Standards require the light sources and batteries of each light fitting to be tested periodically. Dardo makes testing easier and considerably reduces costs and maintenance time.
    • Tests are performed automatically and the faulty components and the address of the light fitting are identified.


    The use of addressable systems is highly recommended and strongly advised in public buildings. Large sites have shown a great amount of interest in this type of installation, which is explained by the need for the centralisation of information on the operating state.

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